Book The Water Glass

About the book: Vivi attends hypnotherapy, in the hope of overcoming her phobia of water glasses, but has concerns about Peter's methods. Is Vivi paranoid, or is Peter manipulating her? Where do her endless tears, her screams of terror, come from? Her childhood was always happy.

When Vivi witnesses the abduction of a young girl, past and present become interwoven, under hypnosis, as she reaches back towards a dark, forgotten secret. Meantime, the mystery of Harry Brown overlaps with Vivi's own story.
Glimpses of Vivi's true self, through her diary, give a guide as to how the secret was embedded. Can what she names 'hopenosis' help unpick the unremembered past?

About the auther: Jonas Sandberg is a licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist specializing in Cognitive mental training and clinical hypnosis.

He has undergone a three-year training programme in clinical hypnosis treatment for psychologists, doctors and dentists and also taught in this. For more than twenty years he has worked with business leaders and sports men, companies, organizations and individuals. Over the years he has developed his own methodology in the field of mental training and hypnosis with, in particular, Milton Erickson as inspiration.


Price: 190.00 SEK

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