DISC is the name of a behaviour-style analysis with which to identify the different behaviours and feelings a person has and is likely to exhibit in various future situations. This analysis tool can be used to better understand why some people communicate better with each other than others.

DISC is based on William Moulton Marston’s research in the 1930s on so-called biologically effective emotions, i.e. emotions that promote survival of the organism. This method of analysis is one of the most thoroughly evaluated and widely used in 1900 and 2000.

Psychology and behavioural sciences have gained increasing importance as a source of knowledge. DISC has got an increasingly strong position in recruitment and business development where classic psychological tests are no longer considered to cover the needs.

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  • Jonas Sandberg

    Licensed psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in clinical hypnosis and cognitively oriented mental training...read more
    • Jonas Sandberg

      Legitimerad psykolog och legitimerad psykoterapeut specialiserad på klinisk hypnos och kognitivt inriktad mental träning ... läs mer
    • Jack Farras

      Jack öppnade den allra första Bikram Yoga studio på Bali år 2008 läs mer
  • Nils-Eric Tedgård

    Licensed psychologist specializing.Conversation methodology and performance, group development through GDQ, Group Development Questionnaire read more
  • Göran Rosenberg

    Behavioural psychologist. For more than thirty years I have worked with behavioural change, conflict management and leadership. read more
  • Jack Farras & Pook

    Jack opened the first ever Bikram Yoga studio in Bali in 2008 read more
  • Teddy Fagerstrom

    Medical Doctor: Lectures about healthy food and nutrition.read more



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