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We humans literally speaking hold our brain in our hands. To a big extent it’s up to us how we, just like we do with a computer, want to program it. One of the methods we can use to do this is the one we can call COGNITIVE MENTAL RTAINING.

We at Psykologgruppen Norden are specialised on COGNITIVE MENTAL RTAINING and HYPNOTHERAPY.

During more than 20 years we have developed our own methodology within these fields.

We don’t work with any special target groups. Our concern is our method.

People who turn to us do it either because they, with help of training, want to achieve better on what they already do or to get help to process a certain kind of problems and by doing so ‘grow out of them.’

In either case, after one or more introductory talks, we move on to COGNITIVE MENTAL RTAINING. With help of this you can then, with our help, strengthen yourself up mentally.

If you dont experience that you reach your coals as much as you wish with this training it is possible that you carry on unprocessed material on a unconscious level. This you therefore need to process more.

Therefore you need to complement the mental training with hypnotherapy. You’re now, with help of the training, mentally strong enough to move on and process by help of hypnotherapy.

We ( Jonas Sandberg, Göran Rosenberg and Nils Erik Tedgård) have clinics in Stockholm and Oslo).
We also arrange workshops at our retreat-center at Phuket Island.

Stress Management

Today’s world has many advantages. Using modern technology we can communicate, develop and move quickly and efficiently. read more



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